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Ben James playing tunes.

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By Ben James, Section News
Posted on Tue Aug 31st, 2004 at 08:15:55 PM CST

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Hey gang, many followers have been upset that I haven't been posting my regular times. (Mum I thought I sent you an sms!?)

I'll be playing tunes:

Thursday 2/9 from 9-12 @ Edinburgh Hotel, High Street in Mitcham. Can't wait for your weekend for a house fix? Come and sink a few beers in the warm bar surrounded by college chicks and nice tunes. And smoke.

Friday 3/9 from 10-12 @ Vodka Bar - This is Moskva's Old School theme night, so expect to hear the oldest cheesiest house from yesteryear. Hopefully you'll be able to tell the difference from my normal sets.

Saturday 4/9 from 12-2 @ Vodka - A gorgeous selection of soul filled house.

Thursday 9/9 from 9-12 @ Edinburgh Hotel.

Saturday 11/9 from 12-2 @ Vodka Bar.

Hope to catch ya around or see ya online.

Ben James.

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