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Soul Good Top 12 (August 2004)

By bill fragos, Section Charts and Set Lists
Posted on Tue Aug 31st, 2004 at 09:09:18 PM CST

Despite the fact that so much music has been coming out, I have managed to reduce my selection to 11 tracks for August. It feels like I have been playing some of these tracks for a while, then I realised in some ways have. Although “Feel the Vibe” came out a while ago but I only managed to get a copy at the end of July, other tracks like “Bulo” and “Dance My Heart” are remixes of original versions that I still enjoy playing. Perhaps new mixes of “Get Away With It” should be released… oh, wait that was last month! “So Many Times” by Gadjo (apparently coming out on Subliminal soon when it was first released 2 years ago) and “Erotic City” by Supafly (released for 2 years before Subliminal picked that up too) are further examples of this.

Should it be a concern that tracks are being released and then say a year later new mixes come out? Are producers and labels just cashing in on something “safe” without trying to push new things forward and promote new material? My view is that it isn’t always a bad thing especially when the original didn’t get the attention it deserved for whatever reason (lazy record label, bad distribution etc) and the track is a quality track. If it means that DJs finally manage to get their hands on a great track that wasn’t readily available and clubbers and the general public finally get to hear decent music then so be it.

Click below for the Soul Good August Top 12.

  1. Feel the Vibe – Axwell (Nero)
  2. Strings of Life – Soul Central (MK & MTV Rmx)(Defected)
  3. The Weekend - Michael Gray
  4. Bulo - Copyright feat Shovell (Jesse Garcia Rmxs) (Tribal Spain)
  5. After Party – Wawa/Eddie Amador (Defected)
  6. Weekend (Tonite It’s Party Time) – Haji and Emmanuel (White)
  7. Bilingual - Jose Nunez feat Taina (Subliminal US)
  8. Dance My Heart – Kool Cubana (Rmxs) (Catch 22)
  9. Midnite Expresso - The Boriqua Bandits (Catch 22)
  10. The Game - Project Orange (Tribal Spain)
  11. Cause I Know - Tyler Durden featuring Miss Bunty (Ian Carey Rmx) (Elan Rouge)
  12. Future Dreams EP – DJ Taco (Danzza)
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