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I subscribed and the server sent me an email with a username and password in it, but I can't use the username and password to log in. Bog.
Read the email carefully. You need to go to the page linked in the email before your account will be activated. The server will then allow you to log in.

I have gone to the page that enables the account, and I still can't use the password to get in. Bog.
Don't forget that passwords are 'case-sensitive'. This means, don't keep your caps-lock on and type in the password exactly as it appears in the email, capitals and all.

The password is too hard to remember every time I want to log in. Bog.
Click on the 'User Preferences' link on the right hand side after you've logged in and change it to something easier to remember. Don't make it too obvious unless you want someone who knows you to be able to post 'why do I suck' stories ;-)

Some things to remember

  • Remember to log out. Especially if you post from a public terminal (library, cafe etc.). Otherwise, the next person who uses the machine may be able to post stories and comments as you!
  • The password you enter here is not sent over an encrypted link, so don't use a password that you use for really important stuff. ie bank details, etc

Before you can post comments or stories, you'll need a user account!

You can start one very easily by clicking on the link below. This requires a valid email address, so that we can email you a password. Click Below to...
Make a new account

If you have problems setting up your account, take a quick look at the help page. If you still have trouble, please email admin

..or if you already have a user account, put in your username and password below, so we know who you are...

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