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By mobinmaster, Section News
Posted on Sat Jul 17th, 2004 at 10:56:40 PM CST

Greeting from Luke and Mobin from IBIZA!

Well, I don´t know where to start... Will it be the free entry card to almost all clubs- Bamboo music business card! Is pretty big here.

Of course the obligatory way to see any Island is on de MOTOS (Motocycles-Vespa style). Hammering around the streets on the wrong side of the road, and being reminded by oncoming head on traffic. First night was a quiet one the next 2 massive.

BORA BORA- every beach city should have one of these club-bars, right up against the seashore with tunes audible in the water 100m away! Planes flying overhead and crew going bananas all day to midnight. Tunes get a bit tought and electro for me, but the vibe is great.Their mixing is pretty average, they do shor 8-16bars and lets just say- lots and lots of drums between songs painfully awaiting the tune to start. Met a dj Luca (Spanish for Luke), gave him a business card and he went silly over the Bamboo thing! Hit him up for names at El Devino= Free

El Devino Thurs- Well on thur night,was a pretty S & M,few queens, bit of a lesbian show and a gimp on stage throwing a topless fake-boobed babe around.Kewel. Luke, managed to talk our way into the VIP section, where we hooked up with Luca and his manager Stephano, who was flappin in my ear about the ¨Special¨effects and show etc.. Few free drinks too. Saving of €60 (Euro) about $100. Tunes again pretty techy and mixing again short and pretty basic.One of my tracks have been played there every night.

Space Fri- Hooked up another freebie from a guy at Bora Bora, have heard the resident Dj Gee play ¨Burn¨by Tribal Funk (yours truly). Ripped the floor apart! He´s considering it for the next Bora Bora compilation and he said he has been playing it every night. Wat a buzz.

In the car park at space, we were stopped by Police control- racing thro my mind were the thoughts- Luke if F.ed, straight to the slammer, I have to explain why he has been away for 3 years to his parents. They searched us- included the los cojonas (Balls).. nice. Found some spliff and ting on Luke, and said "no Marajuana in Spain". We proceded to explain the lagalities to them in Australia. They did´n´t check out bikes thank goodness. One of the cops apologised to Luke after he asked for his spliff back!!! haha

The tunes at space where grooveless, vibeless, soulless rubbish. Won´t go there again.Mixing once again bog.oh and here, more attitude and 90% blokes. The 2 chicks in there walked around as if to tres chic for the world...whatever

El Devino Fri ¨"Defected in the House"- another push onto the VIP list thro the door, via Luke the spin doctor. (I thought I was One!) We did as DJ Jorj (Remixed Defected tune Bakiri Ban to out name down), but wasn´t there. Nonetheless, the door guy eventually gave in and we were into to Defected in the house free. The monkey at the VIP area remembered us, so we headed in.

This had the best tunes so far. A new signed Dj, who looks 12, played back to back Defected with some Bizarre programming- tuff dub to latin then to groovey. huh?

The bad boy African american who does all the voices for defected got up and did some tunes including "Funk Planet"- Warren Clarke mix which rocked. The dj playing with him was Bobby Blanco, who has also trained in the 8 bar Ibiza mixing with the programming from another funky planet. As for the crowd, plenty of beautiful people, who didn´t know the music really well and were too coowoool to have a good time.

More free chite- promo complation defected in the house limited promo mix CD, mixed by the little guy. That means we have loads of drums to chop up and then use the tracks before everyone else.

For now ,thats all folks . Chris the photos will be in the mail on a CD, need you address.

Mobin& Luke
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IBIZA TOWN! | 1 comment (1 topical, 0 editorial, 0 hidden)
ee-bee-fa (none / 0) (#1)
by bill fragos on Tue Jul 20th, 2004 at 11:06:40 AM CST
(User Info)

Mobos and Lukas! Good to know u is propa mashin tings up on the White Isle! Issit issit wikkid?!!! been there done that : P

Motos: I almost go killed riding one thanks to some car being driven by some git who decided to cut in front of me and then brake when realising that there was an intersection. Please don't tell my parents.... People cant drive propa on this island - me tink is because they are propa mashed when drivin'

Bora Bora is indeed wiiikkkid. Me suggest you check out Salinas beach too. Tis very noice.

DJ Gee is THE eivissa DJ - he's been there a looong time & is one of the first true eivissa djs - me tink he lives there - he's a wikkid contact and is basically Mr Pootla as far as connections go. He has released many cd's and ting and carries much respect.

Space is hit and miss - it really depends on who's playing. But most of the time it's full of spaced out people - given that it opens in the morning and runs all day ... the ultimate recovery...? Stuff that, go get a tan, do some shopping, go to zee beach, meet sum people... much more entertaining!

U must check out Pacha biatch, much more fun and has a wiikid set up - when u go in it's like an expedition cos there are sooo many rooms and walkways it's pretty freaky.... i'd bet people are in there who have been walking around for the last 6 weeks who are messed up and don't know where they are going.... does any1 know where the exit is? : P

good to know u is gettin respect and meetin people and havin it large... is what it is all about.

Me hope that u checked out cafe del mar, cafe mambo and cafe savvanah and watched the sunset with all the people cheering. Make sure u do the boat/yacht cruise around the island and check out the record stores (3 stores in San An and 3 in Ibiza Town)...

Ohh, and in terms of food you MUST go to this place called Sa Cappella - a funky joint near San An - it's a church converted to a cafe - pretty kewel/blalu.. superstar DJs go there to chill and ting.

Have fun, and make sure u sort some gigs for next year!


IBIZA TOWN! | 1 comment (1 topical, 0 editorial, 0 hidden)

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