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SoulGood Top 30 (December 2010)

By bill fragos, Section Charts and Set Lists
Posted on Mon Jan 3rd, 2011 at 12:55:54 PM CST

Click below for the SoulGood Top 30 House Chart for December 2010.

  1. Dream Come True - Abel Ramos feat. Erire (DJ Chus & David Penn Iberican Remix)
  2. Joy Part II Butch
  3. Im Gonna Get You - Mendo Remix
  4. Is This Time Goodbye I Gotta To Move On - Harry Choo Choo Romero feat. Trey Lorenz
  5. Mutualism - Jerome Sydenham and Timo Garcia
  6. Soul Motion Butch
  7. I Dont - Will Monotone
  8. Ninja Pants Tone Depth Anthony Attalla
  9. Pata Negra - Wady (Remix)
  10. Mundocaso Gregor Salto
  11. Natamba - Pigi & Pirupa
  12. No Matter What - Duran Genc & Aytekin Kurt (George Morel Remix)
  13. White/ Red - Carlo Lio
  14. Scandalous Pink - Dave Rosario (Lojak remix)
  15. Stoli Djuma Soundsystem One Brother (Tiger Stripes)
  16. Sax @ Arena Mitomi Tokoto
  17. Nantengo - Timmy P
  18. All I Need - Lorenzo Bartoletti (Leland McWilliams)
  19. Fiesta Nick Danny Chatelain
  20. Push It Will Monotone
  21. Rj Radio Slave (Humanalog Edit)
  22. Special Sir James (Ramon Tapia Remix)
  23. Velvet Rope
  24. Balkan Boy - Vlada Asanin
  25. Common Mario Ochoa
  26. Disco Revenge Stefano Noferini
  27. Lets Make A Party Audio Junkies (MDLM Alex Kenji)
  28. Talamanca - MDLM
  29. Hey M&S (Lissat & Voltaxx)
  30. Everything is Possible Jesse Voorn
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