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SoulGood Top 35 (August 2009)

By bill fragos, Section Charts and Set Lists
Posted on Thu Sep 17th, 2009 at 12:18:20 PM CST

Click below for the SoulGood Top 35 House Chart for August 2009.

  1. Mando - Muzzaik
  2. The Beginning Jason Chance (Muzzaik Rmx)
  3. Sex & Horns Boza
  4. Cabaret iO
  5. Dub Trumpet Federico Locchi (Nima Gorji Rmx)
  6. Veneno Lazardi (Alex Seda Rmx)
  7. Geronimo Gabriel Ben, Taurus & Vaggeli
  8. Siren Says Chris Cox, Steven Lee & Trent Cantrelle
  9. Cant Let You Go FIO (Baggi Begovic Rmx)
  10. Bitch Ass Trick - Starkillers (Austin Leeds Rmx)
  11. Fantastic - Diego Pericles & Skills (Saeed Younan Mix)
  12. Suppabass DJ Fist
  13. Bango - Todd Terry (Angel Manuel Rmx)
  14. Uganda Wady (R Taylor Mix)
  15. Frozen - Baggi Begovic & Groovenatics
  16. Kylie Minimoog - Disfunktion
  17. First Flat Soneec
  18. Bahia Mijangos (Stereo Butchers Rmx)
  19. Big Beautiful Women DJ Disciple (Rmxs)
  20. Yurupari - DJ Roy (Blacktron Rmx)
  21. Alone DJ Dextro
  22. Tessio - Luomo (Ramon Tapia Rmx)
  23. No Name - Well Done Rene Makir (Wady Rmx)
  24. Gamero Kike Serrano (Andres Macia & Kike Serrano Mix)
  25. Sagnando Joe T Vannelli
  26. Did You Ever Funky Soldiers (Sandy Rivera Rmx)
  27. Live Life DJ Jeroenski
  28. Pop Storm Josh Blackwell & Miss Babayaga
  29. Jango 01 Jerome Sydenham
  30. Congamusement Fog & Arara
  31. Assasin SGN
  32. Cosmic DJ PP
  33. Escape Sandy Rivera
  34. Garden of Gods - Uner & Coyu
  35. Isla Doomwork
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