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SoulGood Top 30 (February 2009).

By bill fragos, Section Charts and Set Lists
Posted on Tue Mar 10th, 2009 at 08:42:30 AM CST

Click below for the SoulGood Top 30 House Chart for February 2009.

  1. Deep Freak/ Sax Move - Saeed Younan
  2. Amazzonia Giorgio Giordano (David Tort Rmx)
  3. Hossa - Chus v Niki B & Christian EFFE (Chris Soul Rmx)
  4. Party People - Ralvero (Muzzaik Rmx)
  5. Lah - Brian Gionfriddo (Vitamin C Mix)
  6. Mi Esposa - Ramon Tapia
  7. Up - Alex Kenji
  8. We do it - Resetrobot (Noir mix)
  9. Oye - Capilari & Salvavida
  10. Justifiable - Studio Apt (Rasmus Faber No Lead Vocal Mix)
  11. Panorama - Simon & Shaker
  12. Our Soul - Gianluca Luisi (Original and After Tea and MDLM Rmx)
  13. Our Dream Blacktron
  14. Side Stick - Da Others & Andrea Saenz (Andrea Saenz & Robots Memory Rmx)
  15. Where Are You Morillo & DLG (Roog & Prom Mix)
  16. Gossip DJ Nox & Di Paul (Oscar L Rmx)
  17. Time Machine - Oscar P (George Morel Rmx)
  18. Krakatoa Skylark
  19. Our Darkness - Penn & Gaez
  20. Katrinyla - Nick & Danny Chatelain (Rodri Deniz Rmx)
  21. Michael's Prayer Michael Watford (Jamie Lewis Dub)
  22. Music Is My Weapon - Shuffle Progression (Dandy Mix)
  23. Absolutely Gorgeous Pirupa & Pigi
  24. Techno Shit Chris Costanzo
  25. Let Me Take You Jon Flores
  26. Lower instincts - Thomas Schumacher
  27. Midnight Blend - Consistent (Oliver $ Remix)
  28. Velvet Dance - Roman Rai
  29. Makes No Sense - MrG (Radioslave's Shaking The Tree Remix)
  30. The Sound - Nick Terranova
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