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SoulGood Top 10 (February 2005)

By bill fragos, Section Charts and Set Lists
Posted on Tue Mar 1st, 2005 at 08:54:32 AM CST

This month's chart features a track that has been floating around since about October last year, when I heard Mark Knight do a mix for another radio show. It was finally released in January and contains the following lyrics:

You know in 1987 I was dancin' at a discoteque... and people were coming up to me and saying "what is this shit"... I said "it's house music baby", well they said ... "it'll never last", well I'm here to tell you it's now the 21st century and house music is still kickin'

It interesting to see how house music has been around and has evolved over 20 years, and remains relevant to many people. The recent retrospective special on SoulGood highlighted this evolution. There are many different reasons why people enjoy house music. To those who visit our site, we say thank you for enjoying and sharing "our house music".

Click below for the SoulGood Top 10 for February 2005.

  1. Tribal Inc - Steve Angello (Jesse Garcia Rmx)
  2. Smokin' & Blowin - Chicola feat Mutabaruka
  3. 21st Century - Dave Spoon
  4. In the Music - Soulstar & Maranello
  5. A New Reality - Mark Knight & Martjin Ten Velden
  6. Get Over Here - Rasmus Faber & Rob Melo (Axwell Rmx)
  7. Salty - Dylan Rhymes
  8. About Me - Villanova feat Gary Bardouille (Dub)
  9. Keep Me Up - Seminal Grooves (Dub)
  10. House Track - Alex Neri (Steve Angello Rmx)
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