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Soul Good Top 15 (July 2004)

By bill fragos, Section Charts and Set Lists
Posted on Mon Aug 2nd, 2004 at 10:43:09 AM CST

This month's selection of tracks is eclectic to the say the least. The first track is a remix of a track that came out last year and has a latin flavour. The second track borrows heavily from the classic "Love to Love You", using the distinct synth arpeggiator. The third track is a tribal/progressive track. The fourth track is a disco track from 1976 revisited with a layer of percussion added. You get the point.

House music is never static and rightly so. There will always be influences that come in from different directions reflective of the cultures and perceptions of the producers, the DJs and the listeners, in this increasingly globalised world. Some influences will be transitory and others of a more permanent nature. Music is about creating and/or fulfilling a mood. The exploration of different music influences facilitates the heightening of our senses whilst embracing the sounds that are more familiar or acceptable to us. To borrow a phrase from an artist in a slightly different genre: "Lets push things forward"...

Click below for Soul Good's Top 15 tracks for July 2004.

  1. Afro Catalans - Danny Marquez (Hardsoul's Emocion Tropical Treatment) (Bubble Soul Spain)
  2. Love u Feel - Soul Avengerz (SA)
  3. The Love U Bring Me – Carl Kennedy (Stealth)
  4. Papacito Rico – Alison Diaz (D Vision Italy)
  5. Soul Blower - Alex Romano (Rootz Holland) (Olav Basoski remix)
  6. Tribal Inc – Steve Angello (Tumbata)
  7. Put Ya Hands Up - DJ Pierre featuring Felicia (DJP US)
  8. Infectious Grooves EP - Coldfusion feat Joe Cortes (Tribal Spain)
  9. Kalimbo - Malinga Five (Bob Sinclar Rmx) (Africanism)
  10. Woz Not Woz – Eric Prydz vs Steve Angello (C2)
  11. Bring It On Down - Hoxton Whores (HW)
  12. Sho Maka – Afrikana (Tribal Spain)
  13. Mellow – PQM Project (Quick’s Thumpin Pass Rmx) (Stealth)
  14. Dreams – Sandy Rivera (Chus & Ceballos Rmx) (Defected)
  15. Magia – Caffeina vs Delgado (Dub Rmx) (Dreambeat)
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