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SoulGood Top 10 February 2004

By bill fragos, Section Charts and Set Lists
Posted on Wed Mar 3rd, 2004 at 11:01:18 PM CST

The new year has heralded the influx of many new tracks, and some rehashed ones, into the grasp of many a discerning DJ and aficionado. What to choose? What to play? What will work? In the context of diminishing vinyl sales and rising usage of MP3s and CDs, we can access many tracks at a comparatively cheaper cost than what we have been use to in the past. Itís great that there is so much music out there and that it is so cheapÖ but is it at the cost of the producer making a living from their passion? Time will tell.

However, what will become more emphasised in distinguishing a good DJ from a great DJ will be track selection - being able to sort out from the plethora of available music the great from the average. Furthermore, the order in which DJs play tracks will become more significant: not just what one plays but when and how one plays it. After all, the average DJ set only lasts 2 hours!

  1. Kalimba - Kalimba
  2. Hold Me Up - Glory (Junior Jack)
  3. We got tha - ATFC & Mark Knight
  4. Get Down Before U Get Up - Jason Jinx (Tek Down mix)
  5. Call On Me - DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter
  6. Zoo - Antoine Clamaran
  7. I Need Some More - George Morel featuring Rebeca Brown
  8. Nekoosa - Audiowhores
  9. Respect - Mobin Master
  10. What Happened Next? - George Morel & Invisible Man
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