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SoulGood Chart March 2004

By bill fragos, Section Charts and Set Lists
Posted on Thu Mar 25th, 2004 at 02:36:11 PM CST

Terminology in defining music genres can be very strange. One person may assign a track into a genre that another person would assign into a completely different genre. Recently I was searching for the Laurent Wolf track "About That" and a US-based music website labelled it "Hard House"... really?!!!

Many times defining music serves no useful purpose and adds to confusion. It is all music! It may also have the effect of prejudicing one's mind to dislike a track before it has even been heard by the listener... (I certainly would not have gone into the hard house section to look for Laurent Wolf tracks!). It may marginalise and alienate the music and the listeners of that music. Sub-culture...

It begs the question: What is dance music? what is club music? what is house music? ('s a spiritual thang), what is (US) garage?

A useful purpose defining music serves is to facilitate and direct the searching, exploration and enjoyment of music by lovers and others. But in this pursuit one would hope that an open mind is kept and respect is shown for difference and diversity. Soul Good!

  1. Tribal Experience - O'Moiraghi & Meyer (J Garcia Rmx)
  2. About That - Laurent Wolf
  3. Lola's Theme - Shapeshifters
  4. So Many Times - Gadjo
  5. Latino Activo- Jesse Garcia
  6. Bakiri Ban - Havana Funk
  7. Mine - ATFC feat Inaya Day
  8. Pony Club - Saucy (Hess&DemQ Rmx)
  9. Mysteriosa - Transatlantins
  10. I Don't Know - Soul Providers(Rmxs)
  11. Here 2 Stay - Boundless 2
  12. Gonna Be - DJ Fat
  13. Tribal Connections - Tagada
  14. Rockin' Music - Martin Solveig (J Negro & W Clarke Rmxs)
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